My sister blew up a baseball game and I helped, she also blew up my aunts house?

by Grace

Well it started off in an old old building that I didn't recognize but have seen in a dream before, and we were at some sort of party.

My sister and I heard that there was something behind a little door that apparently my sister found a bomb or something that blows stuff up, but anyways.
The house like had sort of an airport hooked to it or something and we just kind of teleported to a baseball game. And my sister must have placed a bomb somewhere.
But it blew up and then we went back to my aunts house and it had got caught on fire and everything was burnt except my room..

This dream, I've seen only the baseball part before because I woke up, but what in the world does this dream mean!?

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What an Interesting dream!
Conflict appears in a dream and this is especially true with bombs when you feel like some part of your life is about to "detonate like a bomb". Take a look at your waking life and potentially your sisters.

Is there some conflict about to explode if not dealt with? Are emotions around a certain issue reaching a critical level?

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