No Way Home

by Barbara

I'm lost and I don't have any idea where I live. I start out in a dark forest, walking forever, and when I'm just about to really panic, all of a sudden the forest ends and I'm in a carnival setting.

The carnival seems extremely strange. There are many hawkers who are very strange; they keep jumping in my face and yelling things at me.

When I'm just about ready to lose my mind, all of a sudden it changes again and I'm on a beach. It looks familiar except for a line of 2 storey, square, concrete houses that are right at the edge of the beach where the water meets the shore. The only windows are tiny little square openings right at the top of each structure. I'm thinking how strange they are when I see someone I think I know. Happy at the sight of him, I run to him and ask if he knows where I live. He laughs, and says over and over, in a sing-songy way "I know but I'm not telling".

The dream ends and I never do find where I live.

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May 02, 2015
Life Experiences
by: Mary W M

Knowing your real life experiences would help to determine the meanings here. It sounds like you have recently been involved in things that are beyond your normal personal boundaries. You are looking for a career path, and you see that others are finding theirs, and you wish that they would share their ideas with you. Maybe you are hoping to make more money, and others appear to have more than you, but you don't know how that is possible. You are longing for things you do not have, things you have not achieved. The carnival is a problem, because you know down deep, that some of your habits that seem fun are actually holding you back from achieving what you really want. Perhaps you are selling out to fun, when you should be looking for ways to achieve true peace and security in life. Nobody can find those things for you. It is up to you.

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