Omg this is real this time!

by Kia

I have been having dreams about my teeth falling out since I was a little girl.

Sometimes I will be talking and they will just start falling out in my mouth and I'll start spitting them out and saying omg my teeth! And the person im talkin to will be looking at me like it's not a big deal, like nothings happening. No one can notice but me.


Other times they will hurt and start getting lose amd when I touch them they begin to fall out in my hand.

Sometimes I even bleed and blood will be pouring out of my mouth with the teeth and still no one notices or cares. What does the blood mean?

But this last dream I had was the weirdest gums started to feel a little sore and ichy so I touched my tooth and it came out, then alot of my teeth started to come out I looked down at my teeth in my hand and said omg this is real this time I'm not dreaming my teeth are really coming out this time and I really thought it was real.
It felt so real. I showed my mom and she didnt care, my dad kinda did but no one would take me to the dentist.

I started to cry like god im so ugly look at me and my mom said get over it stop crying! I walked around everyone with my mouth closed so they couldn't see and smiled with my mouth closed.

The weird thing is that every dream after that I still was missing the same teeth! why? I didn't know these dreams could mean so many different things. I never feel in control of my life since I was little cause my mother was so mean and controlling. Now I lost everything I had and have to live with her again.
She controls my life and my child it makes me so sad but I know there is nothing I can do. And also my babies father - I had no contol in that relationship. He left me with nothing and took everything from me even me it still hurts...and I also hate my teeth, and I'm embarrassed that I live with my mom.

So could it be all these things or just one im so confused please help.

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Nov 16, 2013
There is hope
by: Anonymous

Hi Kia,
I truly believe that your self interpretation is correct. I suspect that you have had childhood abuse that you have buried inside. Your spirit is crying on the inside asking for someone to notice and no one does. Now as an adult you still have authority figures over you who are controlling and manipulating you. You feel as if you don't have control over you own life. But there is hope, always hope. You can get control back in your life. I know you are much stronger than you think. Do whatever it takes to get on your own with your child away from your mother. You can do it. Get a plan and make it happen. Good Luck!

May 12, 2013
Teeth Falling Out?
by: Yesenia

One theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxieties about your appearance and how others perceive you,Another rationalization for these falling teeth dreams may be rooted in your fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some situation.Hispanic and Greek cultures, believe that when you dream about loose, rotten, falling, or missing teeth, then it indicates that a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death.According to the Chinese, there is a saying that your teeth will fall out if you are telling lies. In my opinion i think that your embarrassed because you live with your mom. And the dreams when you were small was probably you trying to get attention from your parents.

Mar 25, 2013
i understand you
by: Anonymous

idk how old this is but ive been exactly where you were having the same dreams. my mom the same my daughters father the same i lost myself and was very unhappy. i had done some research at the time and discovered that your teeth are the image you give to the world and this made sense to me because everybody outside my world thinks im always happy because i smile alot. and i dont like people knowing my business. so the dreams of losing my teeth was my fear of being ugly and judged by the world. my front of everything is ok and im happy was now removed and i was exposed for the ugly unhappy woman i really was. it took me a long time to find myself after all that and come to terms with who i was and decided that it didnt matter what the world thought of me or my life and it only mattered that i took the steps to turn my smile from false to real. because the day did come that my false smile was revealed and i knew i was truly unhappy. idk if that will help you but ultimately the dreams of losing my teeth haven't happened in a long time. and after reading your dream i realized that its because im am happier with who i am now than i ever was. and nobody cares but you because you are the only one who can make you happy and feel beautiful on the inside so that when you smile at the world it is real. because you are happy. take care and good luck

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