Party House

by Kelly
(Portland, OR)

In this dream I was attending a party at someone else's house, it was an ENORMOUS house, almost a mouse maze! There were probably a hundred people there, and I kept going from room to room, because there were so many different moods and activities present in each one and I was enjoying experiencing them all.

There were elaborate hallways throughout, and I kept almost getting lost before I would remember to turn either right or left to get to where I wanted to go. There were also stairs, I remember taking a quick trip down to a partially underground garage/cellar to get something for the kitchen.

In one of the bedrooms was an atmosphere of familiarity, comfort and relaxation. People were leaning back on their elbows on the bed, or sprawled on couches. There was a black light on.

In the kitchen there were lots of women, and a business like, although friendly atmosphere, with a lot of bustling around and chatter.

In the enormous living room there were people milling about in private conversations, having drinks. In there I was able to sit and observe, only interacting with someone when they interacted with me. I felt safe. Normally I would drink at a party, but I don't remember drinking anything at this party.

Out on the deck there was a giant gas grill, and the homeowner (whose birthday
it was, I think) was grilling massive amounts of meat. My 8 year old daughter was there, in a pink silk dress, eating a pulled pork sandwich which she promptly dumped all down the front of it.

I was wearing a VERY short dress, and throughout the whole "evening" someone was flirting with me in every room, the same person every time, one per room. The homeowner, who was a lot older than me, also kept singling me out; calling me pet names and begging me to stay and keep him company at the grill. I was polite, and accepted the hospitality he continuously offered, but viewed him as more fatherly, of course. In the kitchen there was a guy in work coveralls and a matching hat that kept slapping me on the behind and paying me rather crass compliments, but it was all in good fun. He DID make me slightly nervous.

In the bedroom it seemed as though everyone was too stoned (or something) to care, although they were very friendly and welcoming even though I knew none of them. They were all men, there were no women present.

This dream seemed to go on for hours. It was very interesting in that it encompassed nearly every part of a house. Overall there was a very pleasant feeling in every part of it. I guess that's a good thing?

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