Premonition dreams on the death of our father.

by Jodie
(W-S-M, North Somerset, UK)

My father dropped dead suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 59 on 14th May 2011.

2-3 days prior to this event I, his daughter, had a dream whereby my father had fallen into the sea and was drowning. I dived in and dragged him out alive, the dream ended on him lying out in the back of a car fading in and out of conciousness and trying to tell me how he felt everyone at work was always on his back, giving him a hard time. He also implied in the dream that he felt he was given a hard time by his wife and two daughters who are in their 20's. There the dream ended as he was about to be driven off to hospital.

I remember awaking from this dream upset and disturbed with guilt about what he had said in the dream. I don't remember ever dreaming about my father like this. I put it down to the guilt I must have been feeling towards my dad.

On the day my father died in reality my only sister stated she too had had a dream about our father a week or two prior to his death only, in her dream he had died but she could no longer remember the details of the dream.

Was the fact that both his daughters had a dream about his death only in the two weeks prior tohis death a coinsidence or a premonition? I don't know?

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