Premonition dreams

by Lisa

I seem to have quite a bit of "premonition dreams".

Just yesterday I dreamed that I was taking a nap in my bed when my sister comes in and wakes me up to ask if the new dress she is wearing looks good and what shoes to wear with it.

Then she goes to get something from her room and I sit up and put my robe on.

Right after I had this dream my sister came in and woke me up to ask if the dress/outfit she was wearing looked good and which shoes would be best. The only thing that differed was what the dress looked like!

Usually the deja-vu doesn't happen right away, its usually months or even a longer before I'll experience deja-vu.

I just think its really cool and I wish we knew more about this kind of thing happening to people.

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Dec 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

How can you know how long ago Da-ja-vu was? I can never remember until it happens 'again'. I dont remember them, i dont even remember having them.. I might google Da-ja-vu.. Even though its 5:15 in the morning and i have school in the morning:D

Nov 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

You should analyze these "premonitions" logically before applying any supernatural meaning to them. first of all how often an occurnace is it for her to ask your opinion on what she is wearing? you could have subconsciously picked up on signals that she was changing for example even while asleep you could have heared her open her closet/dressor etc. and heard comotion assaciated with someone changing. were you awake you may have come to the conclusion that your sister was putting on an outfit and would come in and ask for your opinon, your unconcious mind is capable of making the same conclusions. i am not saying that you dont have premonitions and i am not saying that its not possible but lets say you had a dream that you went for a walk and you heard a dog bark, you also said that the premonitoins did not fufill themselves right away, if at any time while walking you hear a dog bark; did your just fufill a premonition? or did you dream about a really common occurance and just run into the same occurance while awake.

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