by Ricardo Ortega
(Arvin, C.A,)

I was in my room just relaxing, but then it turned into a train station. I was walking around and then I found my girlfriend who was going somewhere, but she missed her train, train number 12.

When she missed it we were just standing, but she was standing on something, so she was taller than me.

These thugs were jus staring at her like if they wanted to steel her stuff, but they wanted to steel her. So then I got into some fights with them, but there were a lot of them. I didnt care because i'll do anything to protect my girlfriend just like I promised her.

Well during the fight it turned into my house, but on the outside. During the fight I told her to get in the truck because there is an old truck next to my house, so she got in and then i went to go get rid of all the other thugs.

When I got rid of them these dogs tried to attack her, so I went and I go rid of them too!

I then took her inside to my room where I know she will be safe. I left her there a minute so I could go check if there was anybody around, but nobody was.

My girl always wanted a yorkie, so in my dream she had one, so then one of the dogs that tried to attack my girlfriend came back and attack the yorkie, but the yorkie had somthing around its neck, but I dont know what it is, so I still went to go save him and I did. The dogs that attacked us where golden retrivers.

When all of that finished I told my girl that it will be safer if you spend the night till tomorrow and we went to sleep holding each other.

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Thanks Ricardo for the great dream submission! This is a really interesting dream you had and one where you definitely played the Hero!

I would say this dream revolves around anxieties you have over your girlfriend's safety, it seems you really feel strongly about protecting her.

Perhaps in waking life something has happened to make you feel like you have to always be there to protect her.

I think there is anxiety about not being able to be there to protect her, and what may happen to her if your not.

It seems like protecting your girlfriend is your role, and this dream is an acting out of how you would respond, if anything ever happened.

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Jan 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Interesting dream

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