Step 1. Is to Record Dreams

To Record dreams is of vital importance to an accurate dream interpretation.
But in order to record them you must remember them, right?

How many of your night time escapades can you remember clearly?

If you are anything like me, you will remember from 1-3 dreams every night, record all of them and begin the process of dream interpretation straight away.
If not, all those wonderful images and adventures would be lost forever!

So, the first step in recording your dreams obviously, is to remember them!
We all dream, every night, each person will dream 3-20 times a night.

Remembering and writing your dreams down is not only a great exercise for recording your dreams but it is also a wonderful tool for exercising the imagination. And for those of us who so seldom call upon our imagination in daily life, this is a precious skill to practice.

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Let’s assume now, you are remembering at least 1 dream a night.The next step of dream interpretation is to write the dream down as soon as you wake up.

Recording your dream quickly when waking is of vital importance to this process.
Within the first 5 minutes of waking you will forget 50% of your dream content, and then 90% will be forgotten after 10 minutes.

So keeping a pen and paper by your bed will enable you to record your dreams on the spot.

Side Note

I have a bound book in which I record my dreams. I find this excellent to have them all in the one book and not on loose bits of paper for two reasons:

1. My dreams are in sequential order so dream interpretation is easy and any patterns that are emerging are easily identified.

2. So that I don’t lose any! Loose pieces of paper and I do not go well together!

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Does it matter if I don't remember everything?

Whatever way you choose to record dreams, to begin with you will probably only be recording fragmentary images, and vague memories.

This is normal!

The longer you are recording and interpreting dreams the more and more you will begin to recall.
The most important point at this stage of your dream interpretation career is that you start! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are having trouble remembering everything!

Over time, your ability to recall dreams will become stronger and ultimately your dream interpretation skills will improve.

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