Recurring Dream

Dream Question:

I have had the same recurring dream over the past 25 years, on and off, but it is always the same dream. Why do I keep having the same dream from so long ago?


Recurring dreams are significant as they occur due to unresolved issues that have not been dealt with by the dreamer. The unconscious mind will continue to bring the issue up in order to gain closure.

I am sure you want to stop having the same dream again and again…but try to understand that these dreams are of importance to your mental well being.

Until you recognize what is repeating in your waking life the dream will continue…over and over and over again until you get it!

Dreams can repeat only for short periods of time when certain situations are occurring or they can go on for years, such as in your case. 25 years is definitely one of the longest times I have heard of.

What is important here is to not look at the event itself, because remember dreams are working on an emotional issue, so the event itself may be presented in a different light.

What is important are your feelings towards what happens in this dream. They will be similar to the feelings you had about the issue that triggered this dream originally.

Generally when the particular situation ceases, i.e. you leave a job or end a relationship, then the dream can quite often cease as well.
Unless something else triggers the same emotional response in which case the dream may begin again.

Take a look at that and I would ask you, is there something happening during the day before you have this dream that is triggering the same emotional response in you as a past event ?

Or perhaps there is someone in your life that is acting out in a similar manner, and again triggers the same feelings within you?

The key to stopping having the same dream over and over is to understand why it began in the first place.

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