reoccuring house escape

by ME

Many of my dreams are held in the same place, a gigantic house that seems to have endless rooms, some dilapidated and dark, others are unbelievably beautiful, and others look like you are outside with plants and running water, but with walls around you still.

Most of my dreams involve me either running from something and trying to escape the house, or chasing something myself.

Also, most of the time, whether I am the chaser or the runner, I can't go fast. I'll use my hands and arms to pull myself forward desperately, but it always feels like theres a great weight pulling me down/back. I wake up exhausted, anxious, and sad when I have these dreams.

The most recent I can remember, I was back in the house, in a part that looked like a forrest, and/or like the inside of a hobbit house. There was a spiral staircase made of branches and moss, and I was chasing my boyfriend, desperately trying to get to him and clawing at the stairs while the weight pulled at me, bits of moss and dirt flying everywhere. I was afraid and missed him and wanted to catch up with him so he wouldn't leave me behind. Parts of the walls were crumbled away and decayed in places so I could see the sky. My boyfriend kept running, fast and free, while I struggled to keep him in sight, and fought so hard for every step closer to him.

I never catch what I'm after, but they never catch me either...there is never resolution to my dreams.

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How fascinating! it seems you are on an endless search, but a search for what?

The environment you put yourself in in your dream reflects your state of mind or emotions you have about a particular life situation. Searching from room to room, indicates uncertainty about who you are right now or an awareness of different parts of your personality. You are potentially exercising the different personality traits, trying out different aspects of yourself. Perhaps you are going through a transition in your personality or trying to discover who you really are?

So I definitely think there is an obvious lack of a sense of identity being conveyed in this dream, a feeling that others - represented by your boyfriend in your most recent dream, have a clearer sense of self and where they are going, while you are clawing at the stairs but still not getting anywhere. Something is holding you back?

Only you can know what this is.

Thanks for sharing your fascinating dream with us!

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May 29, 2015

I also keep having the same dream where I am stuck in the huge house and it seems to have endless rooms! I want nothing more than to get out of this house in every dream! So I try to use logic eventhough I am sleep by thinking maybe if I go down stairs, I can finally get to the bottom and find a door which will lead me out. I look out of a window and I'm too many floors up to jump without dying. But my question is if the house represents myself, why would I want to be away from myself???

Sep 08, 2012
by: Gina

Very weird, when i was rwading this I felt like crying.

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