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One of the two dreams that reoccurs the most and bothers me the most is the rollercoaster or waterslide or car on a bridge in the middle of nowhere dream.

Its usually a typical dream, then it ends with me being forced onto a waterslide or rollercoaster or all of a sudden Im in a car (passenger) being driven on a scary windey road and its about (IM about) to go over the edge, down the big drop in the rollercoaster and its the worst feeling, I dont want to go-total anxiety-but I guess I do or maybe I dont, I dontreally know.

Could it be Im afraid of dying, and its coming no matter what (Im not sick or old) and its my brain sying its coming, buts its okay no matter how scared you are? Help me make sense!! Its been at least 7 or 8 years...

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It really depends on your feelings towards rollercoasters, or waterslides. Forms of transport ie. a car, can represent our passage through life and I think more than having anything to do with death this dream has more to do with "losing control" in your life, in some manner or form.

With all of these activities you seem forced to partake in, against your will and better judgement, and I feel that this pertains to a loss of control, or fear of loss of control in some area of your waking life.

Having somebody else drive the car you are travelling in could definitely mean that somebody else is "driving your life?"

This of course, would produce feelings of anxiety as we all want to feel we are living our own life and are in control.
Hope that helps!

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