Slow Wave: Jesse Reklaw

Slow Wave, started in 1995, was one of the first 10 web comics to appear on the web.

Based on dreams, jesse originally used his comic art as a means to get traffic to his site, and as a way of practicing his drawing.

Jesse site has been running for over ten years, and now Jesse gets 20 - 30 dream submissions every week and his site has appeared in newsweeklies nationwide.

Julie Doucet was a big influence early on in Jesse's comic art. Her diary comics and dream comics were so personal, funny, and real. It was a fresh change from the kind of genre fiction and melodrama Jesse had been reading in comics for years. Chester Brown, Peter Bagge, Jim Wooding, and Daniel Clowes were all inspirational back in the early 90s as well.

Jesse talks about his new book publication,

"Night of Your Life"

"The night of your life is a collection of over 200 dreams by different people—so there’s the pun that this is their “night life.” But to give the book some narrative coherence, I organized the material mostly by the age of the person whose dream it was. So hopefully it conveys that feeling of growing up and life getting more complicated. Then things get metaphysical, with theories about death and the afterlife. It’s all pretty surreal and funny though, with talking dogs, Smurf communists, and evil plans gone awry."

Click on the image below to visit slow wave and have your dream turned into comic art!!

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