strange dream of the end

by Fallon Morrison
(Austin tx)

I had a dream of the end of the world.During this dream, I had had a dream of the end and told my mother. We were going on a trip to see our old family friend outside of Houston.She told me it was only a dream and we began our trip anyways.During the trip we were driving when all of the sudden two toronados came to the right side of us picking up a carload of people next to us and a helicopter in the sky.The toronado was approaching us so I took the wheel from my mother driving and veered us onto another road away from the toronados.We kept on driving when all of these toronados began forming on either side of our taveling car.They never hit us, but were almost guiding us onto some path.Then all of the sudden we were on a boat on the ocean were it was very, very cold and snowing.There were originally people with us but they left for fear of the disasters.We continued on though searching for something. In my dream God had spoken to me, he told me what was going on and that I was there to protect something and to search for something else.He had told me that my whole life was planned in order to prepare me for this journey.He kept repeating,"It has been written." I was very overwhelmed but knew my purpose in this dream.God had spoken to me through my own thoughts.I had awoken when all of the sudden the same scenario happened, God told me to get up and tell my mother because she already knew.When I awoke and told my mother,she had told me she had the same sort of dream.God had also spoken to her and told her I was to protect many.

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