Step 3. Identifying Symbols in Dreams

The next important step of dream interpretation is to identify symbols in dreams. Dream symbols are any dream images that have played an important part in your dream.
Dream symbols can belong to one of 5 categories:

• Dream Stars
• Actions
• Objects
• Settings
• Feelings

Now lets take a look at the image below and we will try to identify the symbols within it.

In this Image

•Dream Stars: goldfish
•Actions: goldfish swimming towards meat
•Objects: meat on fishhook
•Settings: fishbowl
•Feelings confusion!

This was just a funny little example to show you how to identify the dream symbols within your dream images. For a more concrete example refer to the PDF. See how we identified each dream symbol with a different marker?
You do not have to use the distinguishing markers I used in the PDF example. However, do clearly identify each dream symbol group.

If you have not downloaded the example pdf yet, do so by clicking the image below.

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