Teeth Falling Out Dream- Highschool

by Sarah

It is the first day of my sophmore year and I am completely unprepared. I go to my first class completely unprepared for the task at hand and do not finish within the allotted time. A friend of mine keeps trying to distract me.

I realize a few periods in that I do not have my schedule and never actually received it through the mail over the summer. I go to the main office to get a copy of my schedule printed.
When I approach the main desk a girl (around my age) yells at me and tells me that I'm being extremely rude for interrupting her conversation with the lady at the desk. She makes me back up and stand by the door until she is done.

When they end their conversation the woman kindly calls me over to the desk. When she asks me what I need my teeth begin to crumble in my mouth and I can no longer talk. I cover my mouth and run to the nearest bathroom.

When I approach the bathroom I stand in front of the mirror and attempt to stop my teeth from falling but it is too late. The entire bottom row has fallen out. I look into the mirror and then I force myself wake up, but it was harder to wake up from this nightmare.

Recap of what is currently going on in my life: It is the summer before my sophmore year and I am nervous because it is my first year without doing a sport I had really enjoyed. Almost all of my friends participate in the sport that I quit. The sport I participated in is seriously demanding and takes up an athletes entire life. I am worried that it will be hard to make friends this upcoming year.

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