the choice...

by Barbara
(Orland, CA. USA)

in my dream i was at a place where the world was at a end but there was not anything scary about that, we had to be orginze on where to find the food and water ect.. and this man came to me he was very beautiful and offer me love and i felt it through out my body and money and so on..i told him there is one thing you can't offer me and that is my son..he is in the Grace of God..and he contuine to offer me and then i turn my back on him and said go away devil, i don't want you..and i went down on my knees and prayed and ask God to help me with this fight, and then i looked at the sky and seen angels flying then the devil expanded his wings and i turn to him and said you use to have white wings and now you have black ones...and he said i will give you one last chance and i said go away devil and never come back to me..then i woke up....

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