The fallful feeling

by Kaylen

Well in my dream i had fallen from the top of my stairs in my house during a late hour of the night.

I think this dream is related to the time when I was young and was trying to climb over the rails of the highest part of the stairs and was hanging by the bars.

When I was hanging by the bars I then realised I was actually to high up to let go and was then scared.

I then began crying and screaming until my mom woke up and saved me. So I think my dream was my thoughts of what if my mom had not saved me and I would have fallen.

But in my dream I never actually got to the bottom I had always woken up with the ending of my dream. I think the ending of my dream was that I fell back on to my bed. Almost like my dream had dropped me on my bed because I would always wake up right before I got to the bottom with the feeling I had just been dropped onto my bed.

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