The Library Snake

by Brittany

I never quite remember how this dream begins. It never begins exactly the same but the rest is always close to the same.

I am in a library .... I am just hanging out, reading a book, or on a computer. All of a sudden, out comes a huge, yellow snake. It has to be about 20 feet long. I turn and see it and have a normal reaction, I run. The horrible snake chases me all around snapping at my heels.

Somehow, I know what it wants. It wants to eat me! It's looking at me like I am a scrumptious mouse. I am jumping over book cases and trying to hide, but it always finds me. I am looking for a door but I can never find one. There are other people in the dream too, they watch me being chased and are always scared by the snake but the beast pays no attention to the others. He only wants me.

There is never an ending to this dream, I just continually get chased by the huge snake.

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Sep 19, 2012
Me too!
by: elle

So strange I used to have almost the exact same dream as a child. It was a recurring dream and the snake was a cobra. I don't remember anyone else ever being in the library though. It was always scary trying to escape, I think I always woke up before it was resolved.

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