Touching Teeth For Them to Just Fall Out

by Nathen
(WA )

I was standing in a dark room. My mouth felt weird, so I pushed against the top side teeth and they pushed out. It was the same as the feeling when you actually get your teeth pulled out at the dentist. I quickly pushed them back in until they were straight again. I felt scared to touch or look at them again.

But I touched them anyway, and the whole side of my teeth fell out, with that ripping sound. I tried to put them back in but the more I tried, the more my teeth fell out.

I opened my hands in front of me and I could see all my teeth, even though it was dark. All the teeth looked rotten. I tried to talk and it sounded like gums smacking together and my breath. I quickly covered my mouth and then I awoke. My teeth still hurt as if I they had been pulled.

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