Trapped in a deserted island full of killers.

by Gabriela M.
(United States)

I had this dream once. It was extremley vivid. It started with my sister and me in a nightclub. We got bored so we went outside- It was still daylight. We got in a car and started driving. Suddenly a couple of guys started following chasing us. I freaked out so i drove as fast as i could. I closed my eyes as we crashed. Once i opened my eyes, we were in a deserted island. I could tell because we were near the beach- i could feel it. So we got out of the badly damaged car (now wearing a totally different outfit) and decided to explore. We came across an old abandoned building on top of what seemed the talest tree on the island. We climbed up, entered the building and it looked as if it was some kind of headquaters. Suddenly we heard a gun shot, and a door being slammed. I looked down and in my hand was a gun. I looked at my sister and she had one too. I nodded my head and we were suddenly trained agents, ready to kill bad people. While wearing black leather suits, we split up. I had my gun pointed foward and once i saw a group of masked men- i began shooting as fast as i could. Once they had all died i ran to another. I entered a room which seemed much like a hotel room and took down the "leader" of the bad people group. She managed to stab me once or twice but once i yanked the knife from her, i stabbed her more than a couple of dozen times. I ran outside and found my sister. She was in fine shape. Together we then jumped on a huge rope that seemed to be hanging from the sky and swung across to land on top of an exaggerated tall building. We waited and suddenly a huge pale face was talking to us in the middle of the air. I was beyond afraid.

Thats when i woke up.

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