Understanding Dreams

Question on understanding dreams:

How can I understand what my dreams mean? I read dream dictionaries and they don't seem to do anything for me.


Understanding your dreams is about a lot more than looking up some meaning in a dream dictionary.

That is the easy way, of course, and that is what most of us want, but it will not go very far in really allowing you to understand your dreams.

Understanding your dreams has to do with understanding the language of your dreams, of learning to think like your dreaming brain.

This is because the images you see in your dreams are really your own associations, your own visual representations of thoughts and feelings. And the way each one of us applies this is very unique.

For instance, if you dream about a door, it may not necessarily be a door. For you, the door could mean new opportunities. For another person it could mean something blocking their path.

No dream book or dictionary can tell you what this would mean, thus why they haven't worked for you.

So when trying to understand your dreams look at how you feel while events are unfolding, and also look at how the events within your dream relate to something you know in waking life.

Ask yourself a series of questions:

"What was your purpose in the dream?"

How did it end?

What situation or person does the scenario in the dream remind you of? Who has similar elements?

I would really suggest you throw away your dream dictionary though and start to teach yourself to think like your dreaming brain by taking our free online tutorial on dream interpretation.

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