Unknown house

by Sabrina Armstrong
(Syracuse, N.Y.)

I had a very good dream about a house once.

I know this was a house that I was never inside before but I have seen the outside of it many times as I walked by it when I was a child.
My sister used to dare me to knock door but I never made it to the porch even. The outside is covered in vines no one can hardly see inside the house. I have never seen anyone ever go inside or come out of this house.

In my dream I do knock on the door at first no one answers then a tall man dressed in black pushes the door open and pulls me inside. He says hurry up she has been waiting for you. I just stand there like I am speechless.

Then he shoves me towards this long twisted staircase and tells me that she is waiting for me again. So I start up the stairs and there is a landing halfway up, that is where the lady in white is sitting and waiting for me to bring her tea.

I look down and realize that I am holding her tea tray because it is my job to bring her tea everyday at 2:00pm. My hands are shaking as I carry the try towards her but I am unafraid though. She smiles as I approach her with the tray. She is much younger than I first thought her to be but she is in a wheelchair though. I never get closer because I always wake up just before I reach her.

What do you think this dream means?

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