War Dream

by Cath

Hi! Thanks for the great site!

Ok here is my dream.

This dream is very old I had it on the night of 31st January 1998. The dream was set in a war of some sort. Firstly, I remember being on some sort of excursion, maybe at an old theatre, we ( my boyfriend and I) were looking at something like a dirt model or something ( I can't remember).

The next thing I remember is we are suddenly in a war, where bombs are dropping everywhere and we are running away from bombs. The whole time I was wondering if he was escaping and not hit or anything. he was my main concern.

The land appeared to be a long strip of land, very much like my grandmothers backyard when I was a child. Bombs were dropping in front of us and all around us.

We managed to make it into bushland and kept low to the ground, still trying to escape. We both feel really disappointed when we reach like a checkpoint, thus we cannot escape without passing through. We are there for a while and are treated like prisoners.

Then some of the people with us and I are chosen to pass through. I am not sure whether we were being set free or we were chosen to be prisoners.
All I know is that my boyfriend was not chosen. I try to convince the lady to let him through, but she says - no he is tall and that he may come in handy.
I get very upset and yell
No, but my boyfriend just looks at me and smiles and says you go on, I will be OK and I will meet up with you later on.

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This is quite a crazy war dream you had!

Dreams of war generally mean that there is some form of conflict in your waking life whether it be internal conflict within your own mind or external conflict. There could be parts of yourself that are in conflict with each other.

War dreams usually involve very personal interpretation

What exactly was the war? Who was fighting and what were they fighting over?

How did you feel about the war?

Are there any parallels between with what happened in your dream and waking life?

Is there a situation where you are torn between one decision or another? i.e. Are two parts of your personality waring with each other over a decision?

Do you come from a stressful home environment where you could feel you are in a “war zone?”

Answering these questions will aid in getting a personal association for the images in your dream.

If bombs appear in your war dream, you possibly feel like you or some part of your life is about to detonate like a bomb.

Some conflict could be about to explode if not dealt with, again it could be within yourself or it could be some part of your life. Perhaps some emotions are reaching a critical level.

Could it be your life is as stressful as walking through a minefield?

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Oct 13, 2015
by: Anonymous


Aug 18, 2011
War dream comment
by: Anonymous

In your dream you were chosen to go and your boyfriend promised to catch up so it might mean that you two are in Different places in your relationship and you should slow down or talk to him so your relationship doesn't become a war zone.

Jan 06, 2011
Awesome Dream
by: Anonymous

I have had war dreams like that as well, where I am escaping bombs. it is pretty scary.

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