Wedding Day

by Lorraine

Last night I dreamt I was getting married at a local Minster. The man I was marrying - my ex - said I deserve a wedding like Kate's as I am his princess.

We have recently spoke about getting back together, but not made any solid decisions. So I presume this is why I dreamt about marrying him - a sign of our potential commitments.

I have been to the Minster a few times as a child, so recognised the landmark.
However, the reception was at a hotel, the name was unknown to me in the dream. In part of the dream, there was a big hall where we danced, and during part of the dream, I followed my 'husband' up the stairs in the lobby to our hotel room.
I remember the lobby was red and cream coloured, and the stairs ran up against the wall and curved round to the left.

This morning, I was curious, so I googled hotel lobbys and look at images to see if any matched mine. Sure enough, I saw the lobby that was in my dream - and it is that of the hotel a few minutes walk from the Minster where I had just got 'married'!

I can honestly say I have never stepped foot in the hotel, so would have no idea of what it looks like inside.

Which begs me to wonder, what the dream means if it is something that clearly exists in real life? Was it just a dream, or was it a preminition?

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