weird things

by china
(oklahoma city ,oklahoma,united states)

I had just moved to a new house. It had wood floors and walls. The house was dark and old.

I felt like I knew the house but I had never seen it before. My mom left to go to the store.
My aunt and my gramdma were watching me. With me was my best friend selena
which was also my cousin. We went upstairs and we found these weird little animals that
looked like newborn puppies. But they weren't. I don't know what they were.
We took them and put them all in this little box. Strangely, there were about 12
of them. What was weird about it was that we stuffed them in the box to where they couldn't move or anything but they didn't die or anything else. So that is about all because I don't really remember anything else.

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