Where am I?

by Stacey
(San Diego CA)

I have this very long time recurring dream. But it is always evolving.

The first time I had the dream, I was in a foreign country, I have no idea where. It was not a very developed place. The roads were old or dirt roads, and they were all broken up. There were vendors selling things on the sides of the road, as well as in little shack shops. They sold handmade things and food. I did not speak the language or understand it. No one talked to me. They just kind of watched me go by because I looked very different from them in my clothes and appearance.

The first time I had this dream I spent the whole time looking for a newspaper to give me some idea of where I was. I walked up and down streets and looked at everything around me. I don't remember ever finding a newspaper or working out where I was.

As this dream keeps happening, I am more and more familiar with the place. I now remember roads and buildings, and how to get to places. Eventually I get a car and drive around. I have people come to visit me and I start to show them were to eat and try to help them have a good time in this place with me. I try to communicate with the people that live there, but it never really seems to work.

Each time the dream happens, I am not feeling scared or lost in this place anymore. It is familiar and almost comforting. I am never trying to leave this place in the dream either. I never try to find a way out or go home.

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