Naked School Dreams

by Karen

I have dreams of going to school naked.

At first I don't care that I'm naked at all and even walk around naked.

After our 2nd or 3rd period bell rings and everyone comes out of their classrooms, I suddenly notice that I'm naked and have a panic attack! Does this mean I'm insecure about my body around other people but not when I'm alone?

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Thanks for the submission.

Well, your not alone, this is quite a common dream to have either going to school, college, work or attending a party naked are all very common dreams.

I don't believe this dream is related to body image but rather just generally, with some aspect of your school life, you feel "metaphorically" naked or exposed.

Has somebody or group of people recently found out something about you that you may not necessarily have wanted anybody to know?

Do you have some issues with trust at school?

I would hasten to say by this dream as you explained it, that you are actually somebody who feels good within their own skin, it is just when your at school that something is going on to make you feel like you don't want to be exposed.

Only you can know in what way you are feeling metaphorically naked at school.

Try and think if something has happened recently to make you feel exposed, bringing about similar feelings as you felt in your dream.

Thanks for the submission!

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May 05, 2014
Naked dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

Dr Abshry is full of shit.spleen

Oct 15, 2011
your not alone:)
by: Anonymous

hmmm well with many people they have the way they are at home around their family, when they're alone, and at school with their friends. Alot of the time the way we are with our friends can differ from the way we would usually be at home or just comfortably because of peer pressure or the wanting to be accepted. maybe the nakedness in your dream was symbolic for you being your natural self and the stripping away of anything that makes you like your friends or peers and the fear and embarrasement of you being naked might be saying that maybe your afraid of being youself because you want to be accepted or are afraid of what they might think if you dont't say the right things or wear the right clothes. i could be wrong but this tends to be how alot of people feel even when at times you feel totally alone. hang in there cause your not and should never be afraid to be yourself:)your true freinds will love you no matter what<3

Aug 03, 2011
Naked dream
by: Dr. Reza Abshari

I am a doctor studying dream behavior relations at the National Institue of Mental Health in Maryland. These dreams can mean many different things. The most common of which is your subconscious mind trying to tell people something. Your mind wants to show people a side of you they have not seen before. Dreams about going to school, work or a public place naked often means that you are in the closet with your homesexiality. In my studies 86% of my test group that had dreams of being naked in a public place have turned out to be homosexual. There is nothing wrong with being a homosexual. If you have these dreams I am very sure you are a homosexual and I would like to get in contact with you and track your progress with these dreams and homosexuality. Please contact me at the NIMH. I could use the help in my studies.


Dr. Abshari

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