Get Some Clothes On!
Yikes...Im in a Naked Dream!

Naked Dreams…ah, the great memories of waltzing through your office without any clothes on, can be pretty embarrassing to wake up from.

But have no fear; these are not premonitions of the future!

Depending on how you feel about being naked in the dream, determines the meaning behind these dreams.
If you are embarrassed and greatly concerned with finding some clothes and covering up…then I would hasten to say your dream is related to feelings of exposure and vulnerability in waking life.

On the other hand if you feel as free as a bird and are not at all embarrassed by your nakedness, these dreams can display a growing sense of acceptance of ones own sexuality.

The most common scenario for a naked dream is the former. Feeling vulnerable and even ashamed at your nakedness and not at all happy at being out in the critical eye of the public in your birthday suit!

Appearing only partly nude is also quite common, and depending on what part of the body is exposed and where the exposure occurs, determines the meaning.
For example turning up to your wedding in the wrong outfit could mean you are concerned about your relationship and your commitment to it into the future.
The reverse is also true. Being well-attired means you feel comfortable about yourself and your life. You feel confident and beautiful within your own skin.

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I dreamed I was naked in front of people and it didn't matter to me in the dream.My name is Hortensia

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