Baby of Darkness?

by Gina

It's not my dream, my sister told me it. She said "I dreamed you were in the living room standing, slightly bent over, writhing. Right there on the spot, you gave birth to a baby. It looked scary, it was all black, like it was covered in tar."

Of course since it's about me, I'm curious as to what it may mean. Does anyone have an idea of what it would mean?

Thank you,

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Thanks for your dream Gina. Wow, that sounds a bit disturbing, and seeing as it was not your dream you can't really have any ideas of the hidden meaning behind this imagery.

I can only give you the universal ideas of what some of this imagery COULD mean. By no means is this an accurate interpretation as I would need more information in order to really understand what this dream meant.

But generally speaking the colour black in dreams can signify a period of transition or isolation. Seeing as you were giving birth to a black tar covered baby, this imagery could signify your sister feeling that something new in your life is going to bring a period of transition or isolation to your life. i.e. give birth to these feelings in your life.

One must understand however, as your sister dreamt this imagery it is her feelings on a situation, and not really anything to do with you. You were merely the subject matter of somebody else's dream.

Thanks for the dream!

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Dec 17, 2011
by: Gina

Thank you so much! I like your interpretation of the dream, I believe I can relate to it. At that time in my life, I was going through a state of depression and I was always alone. You have put me at ease, just to have your opinion means a lot to me, thank you again.

P.S. Thanks for having this website put on, it's so great to learn about dreams and have other people discuss about them.

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