dream is it or is it not

by George

I cant figure this one out this still befuddles me!

Ok here goes - it seem like I am not asleep but I'm in bed and all of a sudden the sheets wrap around me and forcefully pull me into the bed and the more I try to fight my way out I can to a certain point and at the same time this is happening I am forcefully trying to open my eyes with my thumbs...

Ok here is where it gets interesting. If I continue trying to open my eyes I can come back to reality and I'm aware of my surroundings the room brightens up a bit and I feel ok but if I stop prying my eyes I get pulled into the bed (this is while i think that im awake)i let myself get sucked into the bed and leave my eyes alone imm still in the same room this time the noises are different its dark in the room
and i still think im not sleeping/dreaming

ive had this dream/oobe ? 4 times in my life and once when i was in that state i told the person the next time this happens i will yell out her name to see if she can hear me then next night it happened i yelled her and and i tiold her it happened and she didnt hear me , so i said to myself the next time it happens i want to see the time.i went to slee one night approximately 1130pm and it happened again and i remembered to look at the clock and without going into too much details of the circumstances i saw the clock and it said 1045 pm and the clock was running backwards i cann also open doors or close doors just by thinking and focusing on it also the people are negative and angry and naked and when it ends i go back to my room and i feel myself prying at my eyes again the light comes back and the sounds/music return to the present..... this one has me puzzled

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