forgot my clothes??

by Katelyn
(Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Well I had a dream that I was going to school and I forgot to get changed that morning. So I just went to school and there were these twins in my class and one of them is like;

"Hey Kate, where's your clothes?" And I replied with;
"I forgot to get them on" and aparently that was normal seeing as she just nodded.

We then had to go outside and play sport but I didn't want to so because I wasn't doing sport I had to follow my friend, her brother and her brothers friend up this big hill in the forest, but it was really narrow and aparently we had to walk in a single file. Her brother(Casey) looked at me and my friend(Aurora) and asked.
"Hey, you guys smoke?" And we didn't but for some reason we thought it would be easier to lie to him so we said yes. Then her brothers friend(Griffin) help out a packed of ciggarettes and we both took one each. I then apparently had asthma and I started smoking it and I started having an asthma attack. And Casey laughed while the other 2 kept on walking.

Then I woke up.

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