I dreamtI was a stripper??

by BeN

I dreamt I was a stripper in a house abroad and pretty sure I never saw it before.

I dreamt I was there with many other girls which were stripping. I felt confident untill this guy came by and started to touch me.

I had no idea who he was neither now and at that moment I started thinking about my boyfriend and felt urges in my stomach and my nose started to bleed. Another girl came by to help and adviced that I should go to another section where strippers cannot be touched but instead I ran away and ended up outside in a long street full of trees and trailers.

What I am worried about is that in the dream I did not feel that I was being forced, it was more like I was there because I choose to. In waking life there is something similar going on regarding photoshoots and modeling, and now I m starting thinking that I am going to regret this.

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