Is it just a dream??

by veronika
(fontana ca)

I don't know if it was because I watched a tv show the day before I had this dream called "16 and pregnant" but later on that night I had a dream that I was pregnant with twins.

I was excited and I even went into labor. The thing that annoyed me wasIi didn't get to see the lil faces of my babies as I was woken by my lil brother.
But I was wondering what this dream is telling me???? I think it's weird too because my partner has a history of having twins how werid huh.

Comments from www.realmeaningofdreams:

Like I said in the pregnancy dreams section dreams about having babies does not always literally mean "giving birth". it could also mean something new coming into your life, or giving birth to new ideas.
According to Freud the father of dream psychology there are two types of dream content - Manifest and latent content. latent means a hidden or fantasy meaning whereas manifest content means the literal subject of the dream. The literal subject of your dream is giving birth which may not have a latent or hidden meaning, as it could most definitely have been related to you viewing a TV show about being 16 and pregnant.
Thanks for sharing!

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