Miscarriage Dream

I have never been pregnant and I am homosexual. I had a dream of a very realistic miscarriage which has left me absolutely baffled. Any interpretation is appreciated!

Comments from www.realmeaningofdreams.com:

Thanks for your dream.
Your sexual orientation in waking life bares no significance to you dreaming about having a miscarriage - as with the content of our dreams, very rarely is there a literal interpretation to the images we see.

As I mentioned in the pregnant dreams section of this website, being pregnant in our dreams does not literally mean being pregnant - it could have more of a hidden meaning of giving birth to something new - a new idea, a new business, a new relationship.

And conversely, having a miss-carriage could indicate that the something new has faltered, and metaphorically died. Ask yourself, at the time you had this dream was there something new in your life that didn't grow? Something that for some reason or not, was not able to reach maturity?

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