Money in Dreams

What a wonderful surprise to find money in dreams!

Or perhaps you find a treasure load of jewels or some antique of exceptional value. Whatever form your fortune befalls you, the good news is that finding money has to do with a discovery of new and positive qualities and potentials within yourself.

So lets look at the different ways in which money can appear in our dreams:

Finding Money

- as previously stated, finding money in dreams symbolises a boost in energy, or finally finding the energy that you need to bring your dreams and ambitions into a reality. You have found within yourself the necessary quality which you need to succeed at a certain task. Now nothing can get in your way!

Not having enough Money

- this may represent your being short of time in real life, not having enough time or energy for certain activities.

Losing Money

- could display a loss of energy in waking life, or a lessened desire to bring one's waking life ambiitons into fruition.

Being Robbed

- this may represent a person or situation in your waking life that is "robbing" you of your energy. Is there any one or anything in your waking life that you feel is sapping you of your energy?

Being Given Money

- take a look at the person who is giving you the money. Do they have certain characteristics that you perhaps admire and feel a need for in your waking life right now?

Counterfeit Money

- if you are dealing in counterfeit money in your dreams this has to do with cheating and therefore symbolises that you are not giving true value in certain areas of your life, especially to do with your relationships.

Throwing Money Away

- wasting potential energy or possibly even love by throwing it away or giving it to those underserving of it.

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