Premonition Dreams

There are a significant number of accounts of people claiming they have experienced premonition dreams, but in today’s world the idea is not given any credibility by the scientific community.

Dreaming of good or bad unforeseen events occurs all the time in our dreams. But what if your nightly visions actually end up happening?

Can we actually dream of events before they occur?

Premonition dreams or precognitive dreams are an ability to gain information about an upcoming event prior to the event happening. These dreams are not common. Premonitions are a certain form of dream, but please know that not all dreams serve as premonitions. We are referring to a very specific form of dream here.

Déjà vu can be put into this category. We have all had an experience when we feel we are experiencing something in waking life that we feel we have seen, usually in a dream, before.

How does this happen, that before an event has even occurred somebody can see it happen in their dreams?

It is impossible is it not? To dream about something before it has actually happened?

It is not known at this stage how this happens, and although it has not been scientifically disproved it has not been “scientifically” proven either that it does actually occur.

How can instances of premonition dreams be scientifically disproved or proven when we still know so little about the full capability of the human brain?

Perhaps we don’t really need a scientific explanation for such an illogical and irrational concept.

I have heard of several cases in my lifetime of people experiencing what we call Premonition Dreams.

A middle-aged woman had woken from a very frightening dream where her son was bleeding emerging from a car accident. She immediately woke up and rang her son who lived in another city and she was informed he had been in a car accident.

Another example from a childhood friend of mine was that one night she dreamed of her grandfather and she woke up and looked at her clock and remembered the time. And was informed that at exactly that time her grandfather had passed away.

Prominent precognitive dream psychologist Dr Hearne has documented numerous accounts of premonitions occurring.

Dr Hearne believes that females are the most likely to experience premonition dreams in the form of untoward events that will happen to somebody close.

Dr Hearne has established that within these forms of dreams there is a category, which is called the “media announcement type”. This is where the dreamer receives a TV. Newspaper or radio announcement about an event that has not yet happened. One of the people Dr Hearne has researched for many years is a woman Barbara Garwell who has apparently had premonitions since childhood.

For example, 21 days before the Egyptian President Sadat was assassinated, Barbara had a vivid and violent dream in which she saw some 'coffee colored' men spray a group of dignitaries with machine guns at a stadium. The scene appeared to be the Middle East. 21 Days later President Sadat was killed with several other dignitaries when he was at a stadium taking the salute at a military parade and men ran into the stadium and sprayed them with machine gun fire. The details of her dream in this instance were very accurate.

President Sadat was actually killed, with several others, when he was taking the salute at a military parade in a stadium. Soldiers ran from a vehicle to the saluting base and fired Kalashnikov guns. Although Barbara could not identify the country, the details were very accurate. There are many interesting and startlingly accurate dreams that Barbara has had if you are interested in her book “Dreams That Come True” or the book by Dr Hearne’s Visions of the Future. Click here.

Most precognitive dreams concern unpleasant things that will happen. Many of them concern unexpected death to immediate members of a family or persons close to the dreamer. Here is such a case:
'I had a recurring dream every night for a week. In the dream my mother, who was dead in reality, paid a visit and told me. 'You will not see Doug and Joy again. They will not be here long'. Doug and Joy were my brother and his wife.

The dream was very disquieting and I wanted to warn my brother but my husband told me not to be so 'silly'. Two days after the last dream I bought the local paper and on the front page were my brother and Joy. They had been killed flying to Spain. I had no idea.

Although I cannot prove to you 100% that premonitions dreams are accurate and true, I do think that our understanding of nature, the universe and the human brain is not quite sound enough yet, to discredit the accounts of people who have claimed to have premonition type dreams and the research of people like Dr Hearne.

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