Reoccuring dream of my father's death

by Francesca
(Elk Grove, CA )

This is something that I dream about and it happens at least once a year.

The dream is placed out in the middle of some field and I don't actually see the death occur but it goes from walking through the field with my dad to looking down in the middle of the field to a headstone.

Not a cemetery just this one headstone in the center of the field and I'm alone looking down and I can see his birthdate and part of the death date which scares me because my dreams sometimes play out to actually happen.

The death date on the headstone shows May and that's the only part of that date that I can see, my grandmother's (my dad's mom) birthday was May 10th and I'm, not sure if this means anything.

Once the dream ends it starts over and plays in my head about three times before I wake up and when I wake up I jump.

After about the third time this dream plays I start falling down a black and white spiral like something out of Alice and Wonderland (The Disney Version)and then I wake up with a very scared, unsettling feeling... What does this mean???

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This is a really interesting dream. Like I have said on the Dreams of Death page of this site, which you can visit here, Dreams of death, in dreams where somebody other than yourself dies, this could be an outward expression of a situation that is going on within you.

Is there some part of yourself that you feel has died within you? Like an old pattern or habit? What part of yourself does the person in the dream remind you of?

Or perhaps whoever died in the dream represents someone other than the figure in the dream, somebody that you have lost contact with or who you are not treating as you should and fear that a “death” of the relationship could occur.

Without knowing personal information about your relationship with your dad and you personally, I am unfortunately unable to tell you what this dream means to you.

Here at we believe in the personal nature of our dreams and that you and only you have the ability to tell what your dreams mean to you.

If this is your first time visiting this site, we offer a free dream interpretation tutorial where we teach you how to interpret the personal meaning of your dreams. Visit the Dream Interpretation tutorial here.

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